Immerse yourself in the captivating design of this high-end gym, where we meticulously crafted an intricate layout using the Rove Linear lighting system. This exceptional lighting solution adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space, while simultaneously accentuating the gym’s architectural features. The carefully placed Rove Linear lights create a dynamic interplay of light and shadows, enhancing the visual impact and creating a truly immersive environment for fitness enthusiasts. Our dedication to detail and commitment to exceptional design shine through in this inspiring space, offering a gym experience like no othe

Elevator Lobby

This multifamily lobby project showcases a custom layout featuring the striking Strike Architectural Strip Light. This innovative lighting solution enhances the space, highlighting architectural elements and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The sleek design seamlessly integrates with the lobby’s aesthetic, elevating its visual appeal.

Private Movie Theater

The utilization of Sonic 3.5 Downlights in this movie theater’s lighting design exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge lighting technology. By incorporating features like selectable color temperature and dimming capabilities, these downlights help create a captivating cinematic experience that immerses moviegoers into an entirely different realm.

Billiards Room

The addition of Sonic downlights in this billiards room enhances the space with a contemporary and chic touch. The optimal lighting provided by the Downlights highlight the room’s design features, creating a welcoming ambiance. Their sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to the room, making them a stylish and functional lighting solution.

Co-Working Space

This Co-Working Space designed by Input Creative Studio is a testament to sleek and stylish design, made even better by the addition of the Sonic 3.5 Downlight. With its clean lines and contemporary aesthetic, this downlight seamlessly integrates into the space, making it the perfect choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Sonic 3.5 Downlight is a standout feature in this space, offering exceptional lighting performance and style.

Multi Family Building Lobby

This Lobby project consisted of the Sonic 3H Downlights for this impressive Multi Family Building in New York, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. These advanced Downlights offer superior lighting quality, energy efficiency, and a sleek, modern design that perfectly complements the contemporary aesthetic of the Lobby. With their adjustable beam angles and dimming capabilities, the Sonic 3H downlights proved to be the perfect lighting solution for this project, delivering exceptional performance and style that elevated the look and feel of the entire space

Library Interior

Our Sonic 2.5 Square trim was the perfect lighting solution for a recent minimalistic and airy library project. The sleek and modern design of the trim seamlessly integrated into the library’s clean and open aesthetic, providing both functional lighting and a touch of style. The Sonic 2.5 Square trim’s high-quality LED technology delivered bright and uniform lighting, enhancing the library’s ambiance and making it the perfect space for reading and relaxation. With its energy-efficient performance and customizable options, the Sonic 2.5 Square trim is a smart investment for any project looking to achieve a sleek and modern lighting design.

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